Oklahoma Sports Betting Guide

As far as professional sports go in the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team sums things up. They also have a few good college programs to speak of as well. We have covered some of those schools in our guide to betting on Oklahoma college football and our guide to betting on Okahoma basketball. We created this website to assist OK residents in identifying and locating reputable sports betting options, and help them develop a clear understanding of the legal status of betting on sports in the Sooner state. Our team of trained professionals worked diligently to complete comprehensive reviews of potential gambling destinations, and compile information regarding the legality of this type of entertainment. The results created a helpful resource guide that is fact based to support players and their efforts in making informed decisions.

Oklahoma Friendly Online Sportsbooks For 2016/2017 Season
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Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma?

If you are careful about where you place your bets, then yes, there are numerous opportunities to legally bet on sports in Oklahoma. The bookmaker that you use to place your bets determines the legality of your participation. The Federal Wire Act and PASPA law strictly prohibit US based sports gambling operations with the exception of a few states, including Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. This means that you will not find any sportsbooks online or offline that are licensed by the state of Oklahoma. It is also illegal to participate in unlicensed sports betting in OK. You will be glad to know that this does not rule out all options for OK residents. This guide includes multiple offshore sportsbooks that are legally licensed to provide their services to players around the world, including those residing in or visiting Oklahoma. Neither federal law nor state law prohibits players in OK from participating at these types of legally licensed and regulated sports betting sites. Because these sites are regulated by a governing jurisdiction that has expressly legalized online sports gambling for their region, they can legally offer their services to anyone they choose. You can review the state's laws and statutes at the Oklahoma state legislature website.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is gambling 'friendly'. US federal law makes sure they cannot offer sports betting, however they do offer multiple land based destinations for casino gambling. The state imposes a minimum gambling age requirement of 21 years of age. Anyone attempting to participate in any type of gambling venue below the age of 21 is breaking the law. Underage gambling is strictly enforced and they do not mind penalizing violators. We strongly urge you not to engage in any underage gambling. Please keep in mind that if you see an online sportsbook recommended on this page that accepts players as young as 18 years of age, this policy does not supersede or bypass state law that requires players to be 21.

Is it Likely that Oklahoma Will Offer State Based Sports Betting in the Future?

While we would love to say yes, that is just a big unknown. For Oklahoma to be permitted to licensed state based sportsbook wagering, federal laws would have to be modified, or at least re-interpreted, which is not probable at this time. New Jersey recently made some efforts in this direction and were quickly shot down legally despite the fact that their residents voted for legalizing sports betting in the state. There are also some pretty powerful opponents to this possibility, including but not limited to the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA. These parties feel that there is a potential for corruption if sports betting were wide spread throughout the US. Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it likely? Probably not. At least it is not likely to occur in the near future. So there aren't any land sportsbooks in or near Oklahoma. Players will need to consider signing up with one of the reputable offshore sportsbooks we recommend on our site to place their wagers.

Popular Betting Trends in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners

As we begin researching for sports teams in various states, we always manage to find something to speak about. In some states, we can't find any sports teams at all and will instead offering betting advice. For others, we find a few sports teams and end up with just the right amount of rhetoric for an article. However, for some states, we find too much to speak about. Oklahoma is a special case of a state. They only have one major sports team within the state, which is a collegiate team, the Oklahoma Sooners of the Big 12, but there's actually so much to say about this team that it could fill an entire website, not just one article.

One of the most celebrated teams of the southwest, and certainly one of the top-flight teams in the Big 12, behind the Baylor Bears and Texas Christian Horned Frogs (TCU), Oklahoma has a long and proud tradition of winning ball games. And even when experts count them out, like this season when they played Tennessee of the SEC East, Oklahoma has a way of coming back and winning and showing everyone that they're still relevant as a team.

Now, we don't predict that Oklahoma will win the National Championship or even make the four-team playoff. We won't even predict that they'll be the best team in their conference. That honor will likely go to TCU. However, we can see the Sooners doing very well ATS (against the spread) and making a lot of teams uncomfortable as they come very close on the scoreboard when it hits triple zeroes.

They didn't do well in this category last year. ATS all season, they were 5-8. The best they did was 60%, covering as an away team 3-2. That's not very attractive for gamblers. But while most teams do not turn things around over the course of a year, we're already starting to see signs that Oklahoma is much tougher in 2015.

For instance, the team is already 2-0 on the season, both for their record and ATS. They had a great comeback win against the Volunteers, where they had an awesome 4th quarter and overtime. And for the next few weeks, they will be playing teams like Tulsa, West Virgina, Texas, Kansas State, Texas Tech and Kansas. They should cover ATS in every one of these, not really getting iffy until the final weeks, where they will have to play Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State in consecutive weeks.

We can see a 10-win ATS season for the Sooners this year. They're not going to win enough to give them a great ranking, nor will they make the playoff, but ATS they're going to be a solid team, and they're already off to a fantastic start.